Excessive Meowing 101: Why is my Cat Meowing Non Stop (& What to Do)?

Excessive Meowing 101: Why is my Cat Meowing Non Stop (& What to Do)?

Do you live in a house with a cat that has decided to meow constantly all day long? Even worse, is there more than one cat with the same habit? The mild annoyance has turned the corner and you dread hearing one more meow. If this scenario sounds familiar, the first step in maintaining decorum is awareness. Let’s look at some reasons why cats suddenly take to showing off their choral talents and how to address it.

Why is my cat meowing nonstop?

Have you ever wondered why cats meow in the first place? Reasons vary as cats grow but in general, kittens meow when they are cold, hungry, scared, or otherwise concerned. As cats move into adulthood they communicate with each other through different means such as growls, yowls, and hisses and save meowing to get messages across to us humans. Different breeds (Siamese) tend to meow more than others, and plenty of surly cats in their elder years seem to make all kinds of racket just to bother us.

Let’s look at some common reasons for excessive meowing and what to do about it.

I want attention

Cats are indeed independent creatures but they don’t like being alone all the time. Your cat will meow to spark play time, petting, or “conversation” with you. Similar to a demanding toddler; if you want your cat to quiet down, stop responding every time and only give attention when he’s quiet.

I’m hungry

Many cats become very vocal when feeding time approaches or even if someone simply walks into the kitchen. Again, don’t give in and hand over food whenever the meowing starts. Put down food when the cat is quiet.

I don’t feel well

Many feline illnesses initiate excessive meowing, including various types of pain, or thyroid and kidney disease. If your cat is vocal and acting under the weather, arrange a vet checkup.

I’m lonely

Cats get lonely just like we do. Extended hours alone at home can inspire a lot of meowing. Try installing a bird feeder outside a window for active entertainment or leave a couple of foraging toys with food for your cat to play with.

Meow solution don’ts

If your cat is especially vocal, don’t ignore it. Cats sometimes meow for good reason like they’re stuck in a room or the water is empty or they’re sick. When meowing starts, check to see if there is indeed a problem that needs your attention.

Don’t punish your cat for meowing too much. Your first reaction might be to spray him with water, shout, or hit the cat and none of those are good ideas. Those choices won’t work to quiet a cat anyway and will only instigate a sour relationship between you.

Whatever you do, don’t give in. Just a couple of times of getting what he wants after meowing is all it takes to start the habit full steam ahead. And he will likely just meow louder so the problem only gets worse. As long as he’s not sick, ignore the noise and reward quiet behavior instead.

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