The 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in Texas

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Texas

According to, below are the 10 most popular cat breeds in Texas (based on information from Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency). Tracking data on 46 cat breeds, Pets Best has listed its top 10 breeds for cats in Texas.

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Texas

  1. Domestic feline
  2. American shorthair
  3. Siamese
  4. Maine coon
  5. Ragdoll
  6. Persian
  7. Bengal
  8. American long hair
  9. Himalayan
  10. Russian blue

In the company’s 10+ years of insuring dogs and cats, the top 10 most popular breeds have remained relatively consistent. The state’s five cities with the most dogs and cats insured by Pets Best include: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Arlington. For every four dogs insured in the state of Texas, only one cat is insured.

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