Pet Diabetes Checklist: Know The 7 Signs Of Diabetes

Pet Diabetes Checklist: Know The 7 Signs Of Diabetes

November is Pet Diabetes Month for dogs and cats. To help spread awareness, we wanted to share a helpful checklist from of signs of diabetes to look out for in your dog or cat.

Print this out to mark down which signs, if any, your pet exhibits and remember to bring it with you to your next veterinarian appointment.

Signs of Diabetes in Your Cat or Dog

Urinates Frequently

Your dog or cat wants to go outside more often. Your dog may urinate in the house; your cat may urinate outside of their litter box.

Always Thirsty

You have to fill the water bowl more often than before or notice your cat or dog drinking from unusual places, such as a toilet bowl.

Always Hungry

Your dog or cat never seems to get enough food – they’re always begging for food.

Losing Weight

Although your dog or cat has a good appetite, they keep losing weight.

Cloudy Eyes

This sign is only present in dogs.

Deteriorating Coat

Fur can become dry or dull. Cats may stop grooming.

Always Tired

Your dog or cat used to be energetic, but now they sleep all day.

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