5 Ways to Remember your Pet on World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial Day

If you’ve ever known an animal that’s been close to your heart, you know that pets are not just animals we live with but beloved members of the family. And just like any member of the family, there are important things we do to grieve their loss. Once the initial sadness has passed, however, we can joyfully remember our pets as the rays of sunshine they were and we can take comfort in the many blessings they added to our lives. A special holiday, World Pet Memorial Day, has been created on the second Sunday in June to allow all pet parents to come together in celebrating the wonderful memories of their pets who have passed. Read on for five ideas of ways that you can mark this holiday and lift up the life of your pet.

1. Make a Keepsake Box

Surely there were items related to your pet that you held on to after they passed, such as the leash you always used, or your pet’s favorite squeaky toy. And the many pictures you have of you and your pet help keep the memories alive, as well. On World Pet Memorial Day, try decorating a keepsake box with your pet’s name and maybe a painting of his or her favorite place, and put pictures of your pet and his or her favorite toys inside. You can even write a loving letter saying how much you enjoyed sharing your pet’s life and how much he or she meant to you.

2. Create an Outdoor Memorial

Many pet parents create a quiet place outside specifically dedicated to contemplating your pet’s memory, such as a cat or dog statue, concrete paw prints, a plant memorial, or a small pond. If you haven’t already, you can create this special place and maybe hold a short ceremony sending blessings to your pet and thanking him or her for the great companion he or she was in life.

3. Donate to an Animal Charity or Become a Shelter Volunteer

What better way to celebrate your pet’s life than by serving other animals? Make a memorial donation to your favorite animal welfare charity, or sign up to volunteer at your local shelter and share the love with more animals that need your care.

4. Commission a Custom Pet Portrait or Have a Photo Framed

There are many artists nowadays who will paint unique portraits of your pet from photos you provide, and it’s easier than ever to have digital photographs blown up, matted, and framed. This World Pet Memorial Day, frame a special image of your pet and hang it in a place of honor in your house, so that your pet’s memory will always be close by.

5. Get Even More Creative!

There are so many other options available for those who want to memorialize their pets. You can create a necklace or bracelet with your pet’s name in alphabet beads, you can order a blanket or throw pillow with your pet’s image, you can even go get a pet memorial tattoo! It doesn’t matter what you do, just that it’s meaningful to you and feels like an appropriate celebration of your loving companion.

We Celebrate World Pet Memorial Day, Too

As caring, experienced veterinarians, World Pet Memorial Day is one of the most important days of our year. We honor and cherish the memory of the many animal best friends we’ve had the privilege to care for over the years. And of course, one of the best things you can do for your living pets is to make sure they get the treatment they need to stay healthy as long as possible. Your “fur babies” will be given gentle and knowledgeable attention here at Central Texas Animal Hospital, in both illness-related care and preventative check-ups, as well.

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